Lifestyle management services – Are they worth having?


Have you ever wondered how much time you could save and how much easier life would be if you had someone to care for your everyday tasks? All the best hotels globally have a concierge who assists guests by making restaurant reservations, getting tickets to shows and events, arranging transport, and recommending must-see attractions and even nightlife hot spots.

To earn a decent living, you often have to commute and put in long hours at the office. You also want to make the most of what little leisure time you have but often find yourself bogged down with the mundane tasks of everyday life. Cleaning, cooking, shopping, and taking care of the garden are just a few of the things that you could outsource to a lifestyle management company.

Almost like your own personal secretary or gofer, all the menial tasks are taken care of for you allowing you to spend your valuable time on more critical tasks or leisure activities. Wealthy people have used lifestyle management consultants for many years, albeit under a different title. Celebrities may rely on others to manage their lives, from agents to the people who handle their everyday tasks.

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The healthcare industry and personal management

The term lifestyle management is also used in the healthcare industry to promote health and well-being. Widely used in health promotion, it is a term used to promote behavioural changes that lead to a healthier lifestyle. Besides personal managers, there’s also online bodybuilding coaches, online fitness coaching packages, online trainer’s that can assist you in weight loss.

What is lifestyle management?

When not talking about health, the definition of lifestyle management is the outsourcing of everyday tasks to a service contractor. Often referred to as lifestyle consultants or lifestyle concierges, these persons are specialists in an organization and getting things done.

While servicing a person’s wants and needs, a lifestyle consultant can assist you with something as menial as running errands or arranging to have the kids picked up from school. A lifestyle consultant can also be your personal travel agent booking flights, hotels, and excursions. A lifestyle consultant can be your nutritionist and trainer regarding health and well-being, helping you achieve your fitness goals. Lifestyle consultants can also be called upon to shop and even pick out clothes for their client’s wardrobes.

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Why does someone need a lifestyle management consultant?

In today’s hectic world, people are focused on their work and the hectic routines of balancing a career with home life. Not having to worry about menial tasks allows them to spend more time focusing on the things that matter most. There are many reasons why people turn to a lifestyle management company, with the two most common being:

  • They are too busy with work or other things to have the time to make their bookings or arrangements.
  • They lack the expertise and resources to get the best results.
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What is the difference between a lifestyle consultant and a personal secretary?

  • Lifestyle consultants focus on a portfolio of clients and not an individual.
  • They are more than a travel agent as their experience reaches far beyond the knowledge of someone explaining the benefits of one destination over another.
  • If you had to describe the duties of a lifestyle consultant, the closest job would be that of a hotel concierge, as they also provide a broad spectrum of services that help improve a person’s lifestyle.

Today there are many lifestyle management companies to choose from, but be sure and select one with a track record of being in business for at least two years. Costs for services also vary widely, with some charging an hourly rate and others a monthly membership fee.



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