4d number plates


The latest trend in having a car or personalized registration to stand out from the crowd, is to have 4D number plates on your car. Using laser cut acrylic letters attached with a suitable adhesive, 4D lettering and numbers are often backed by another colour underneath to give them a stylish 3D effect. But why try to improve a personal reg with 4D design? Some enjoy enhancing the individual style of their private plate and their favourite vehicle with a set of exquisite 4D plates. Imagine Tyson Luke Fury, the heavyweight boxing champion displaying his personalised registration number 1 TLF in a cool 4D plate design on his black Rolls Royce! Or Wayne Rooney with a 4D plate with his personalised reg WAZ 8 on his Aston Martin! Seeing the car reg 007 JB on the exact Aston Martin from a movie is one thing. But then, observing it cruising towards you with a 4d laser cut number plate, you may agree that it adds a little to the already prestigious image.


You may wonder, is having 4D plates on your car legal? The answer is yes, 4D number plates are perfectly legal, so long as they conform to DVLA standards.

Starting  September 2021, the government of the United Kingdom will allow people to purchase and display 4d number plates on their cars, vans, and motorbikes. The laser-cut black acrylic lettering adheres to the DVLA  requirement that all characters and numbers on the license plate are made using Charles Wright Font text. Other than the black raised lettering, the rest of the number plate is made to the BS AU 145d British Standard.

The main difference between a 3d number plate and a 4d number plate is that the characters on a 4d number plate are raised. A 3d number is

made by covering sheet cut letters and digits with a polyurethane gel resin. By doing this it gives them the raised profile from the number plate.

From September 2021, 3d number plates will no longer be legal due to stricter rules introduced by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA). Number plates must now have a clear distinction between the digits and the plate background. The new rule has come about because speed cameras have difficulty reading 3d number plates.

4d number plates


If however, the number plate was legal to use on your vehicle at the time of purchase, you would still be able to use it, providing it has the BSAU 145d code number printed on the plate. After September 1, 2021, all number plates for British vehicles will display the BS145e code and follow the new DVLA rules.

Despite the new DLVA rules, you can still keep 3d number plates providing the meet and display the BS145e code. These must also meet the following requirements:

  • The number plates must be made using a reflective material
  • There is no pattern on the background
  • The letters on the front plate are black on a white background
  • The letters on the rear plate are on a yellow background

All the characters on 3d and 4d number plates must meet the following specifications:

  • All the numbers and lettering must be 79mm in height
  • All numbers and lettering must be 55 mm wide except for the number 1 or the letter I
  • All spaces between the lettering and numbers must be 11mm

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What makes a 4d number plate different from a 3d number plate is that the digits and characters on the number plate are physically raised. While the rest of the number plate remains flat, the 4d number plates stand out because of the raised lettering. Manufacturers of 4d number plates use three millimeter thick black acrylic characters to add a premium and personal feel to your vehicle. Once the characters are individually cut they then adhere to the number plate using an ultra-strength 3M backing.


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